Veronica X. Yan, Learning Scientist

Ph.D. in Cognitive Psychology

Current Position: Postdoctoral researcher,
Mind and Society Center, University of Southern California

Advisors and Mentors:
Dr. Daphna Oyserman
Dr. Robert Bjork, Dr. Elizabeth Bjork, and Dr. Alan Castel

Knowing how to learn, effectively and efficiently, is the ultimate life skill.
We are all life-long learners. Whether we are learning for school or a degree, for work and to develop our careers, or as a part of pursuing personal hobbies and interests, learning is an important part of life. My research asks: How can we master learning in the most effective (i.e., it sticks!) and efficient (i.e., no wasted time!) ways possible? As it turns out, our intuitions about what optimizes learning can often be wrong, and that many of the most popular learning strategies are rather ineffective and inefficient. Rather, the strategies that support learning that is both durable and flexible are ones that require more effort and which introduce challenges.

Given that most learning takes place outside of the classroom and in the hands of the individual learner, how can we empower learners to better manage their own learning? The other large chunk of my research therefore examines the mindsets, attitudes, and assumptions that support understanding and use of effective learning strategies, and how we can teach these to create motivated and effectively self-regulated learners.

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